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My last official day in NYC was a good one. The wedding was so beautiful, in spite of the rain, and the bride and groom are seriously incredible people. You could just feel the love that they not only had for everyone present, but the love that everyone expressed for them throughout the wedding day. As many of you know, I no longer run my own photography business, and I haven’t since shortly after Charlotte was born. While I’m so grateful to get to spend every day with Charlotte and not have to worry about clients and deadlines, it leaves me a little wedding-sick. I’m obsessed with the detail that goes into weddings and I love the emotions surrounding the day. My favorite part of the wedding day is usually the toasts. I love getting to know more about the couple from the intimate things shared by close friends and family. And there were some truly sweet things shared in this wedding.

I’m always so grateful that Alyssa has me shoot for her when she needs me because it allows me to scratch that wedding photography itch without the pressure and stress of running a business. She gets to do all of that fun stuff. Hah!

I think in another life I would be a florist. You can’t tell that I love flowers from these photos, right? Just gimme all the flowers.

The misty morning of heading home I spent walking around Bryant park, looking for a decent place for breakfast. Unfortunately, NYC seems to not sleep Saturday nights and nothing noteworthy opened until at least 10am. Here I was roaming around at 7am, landing at Whole Foods for a mediocre bagel and Pret A Manger for a SUPER spicy chai. I was excited to see the airport shuttle at 9:30 to take me home to my little family. I definitely missed them.


The whole excuse for my trip to NYC was to shoot a wedding with my friend Alyssa Campbell. She had mentioned at an earlier wedding I was assisting with that she was shooting a wedding in NYC in September. I jokingly told her, “take me with you!” and luckily she was able to make it happen!

I’m so grateful for her willingness to bring me along for another wedding, especially one out of state!

Day 1, I was exploring solo because Alyssa wouldn’t be getting to the hotel until late, so day 2 was spent exploring places together. First stop was the Chelsea market, which was pretty charming and I had the best bagel of my life. It could be the pregnancy hormones, but I dream about that bagel. Next on our agenda was the High Line, where at the southern end I had the worst ice cream of my life. While I’m dreaming of the bagel, I’m having nightmares about the ice cream. Note to anyone looking for ice cream near Chelsea, do not have Ample Hills Creamery. It tasted like it had been open in the freezer for too long and my pretzel cone was stale. Sorry Ample Hills, but I had high hopes for you.

We stopped back by the hotel and Bryant Park to check for lighting/locations for the bride and groom’s first look. I fell in love with the public library’s architecture, which is where we decided to have them see each other. Finally, we headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge to be your average tourist, trying to snap shots of each other, in between the crowds of other tourists.

I think we walked about 8 miles that day. We saved our feet from extra walking by taking an Uber a few times. No need for sore feet on wedding day, which I’ll be sharing next.


First Time in NYC - Day 1 // www.waggonerhaus.com

My initial impressions about NYC were “overwhelming, confusing, smelly, dirty, crowded.”

Walking over subway vents for the first time freaked me out. For one, the stench (hello pregnant nose). For two, the sound. For three, the hot, humid air blowing from them every time the subway would pass. Gross. People swear, smoke, and honk an awful lot. But as I walked further and became more familiar with the streets, I started to feel a quaint little love for this giant city. It’s nothing like I expected it to be–I expected the crowds. I expected the buildings, but I did not expect to be as emotionally confused with the city as I was.

I walked 13 miles the first day, walking from Bryant Park to the 9/11 memorial and back, wandering along the way. The parks were the best part. They’re bustling with people, yet quiet. It was just the right amount of humming and laughter. Nothing like you see in the summer’s deserted parks in Arizona. I loved the architecture too. So many detailed buildings to see everywhere you looked.

I watched moms walking with their children riding on scooters across busy streets and had heart attacks every time. I could never raise a family there and I don’t know how they do it.

I’ve always dreamt of going to NYC, because it’s so romanticized in movies. But now that I came, I saw, I conquered, I don’t know that I want to do it again. It’s an oddly charming, huge and confusing city, and it had its magic moments, but give this desert dweller a tent and send me to the mountains–because big cities are not my cup of tea.

Fishs Eddy NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

Marche Mamon was such a charming little cafe/shop:Charming NYCCharming NYCCharming NYCCharming NYC

NYPD building - First Day in NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

First Trip to NYC - Day 1 // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of SoHo NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

Misirizzi NYC - Love this storefront! // www.waggonerhaus.com

The Bowery Market NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comB Bar & Grill NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

The Wren NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC //www.waggonerhaus.comWashington Square Park NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWashington Square Arch NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comGlucksman Ireland House NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comMadison Square Park NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.comWalking the charming streets of NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

Bryant Park NYC // www.waggonerhaus.com

View from our NYC hotel // www.waggonerhaus.com

View from our NYC hotel // www.waggonerhaus.comEnjoying my favorite NY pizza (Little Italy) in Bryant Park at dusk // www.waggonerhaus.com

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    Wow, you take such amazing photos! I’m with you, give me the mountains any day. Although a trailer is much more comfortable than a tend. ;)ReplyCancel

sour patch toddler // www.waggonerhaus.com


My sweet Charly girl at bedtime on Saturday night was so sweet… you know, only after the 30 times of climbing out of bed.

The last few weeks have been mostly exhausting at bedtime because Charlotte doesn’t want to go to sleep. However, on a good portion of the nights that she is resisting, she is at least cute while she does it.

Saturday, for example, she proceeded to tell me her tummy and teeth hurt. She has been teething for a while and has had quite the runny nose for a couple of days because of it. I felt her gums and they were indeed swollen. I went to get her a little grape Tylenol tablet. She took it from me, scraped her teeth against it and said, “mmm!” As though she were truly pleased by the taste. I laughed at her and she giggled. Then 20 more nibbles, “mmm’s”, and giggles later, she had finished her medicine. I laughed once more and told her, “I love you so much, Charly bug”. I leaned in to kiss her cheek and she wrapped her arm around my neck, hugged me as tight as she could and said, “I love you too, mommy!” With her cheesiest grin.

I teared up as I left her room and walked down the hall. Moments like that make all of the two-year-old sass worth it and I’m so lucky to be this sweet little lady’s mama.