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Arizona Lantern Fest With My Girl

To say the Lantern Festival is magical is quite an understatement. The only unfortunate thing is that there was a lot of waiting for 5 minutes of amazement (don’t get me wrong, the sight was worth it! And Charlotte did so well despite sitting around a lot). We made the mistake of going fairly early yesterday afternoon, thinking there would be more to keep this busy almost-2-year-old occupied. Being early would have been fine if we had her dad there to play too, but he had to work. Boo! Luckily, we did meet up with our friends Haley (who runs the cutest blog all about our favorite state — watch for her post about the Lantern Festival soon) and her husband Juan. They managed to keep Charlotte entertained for a while (THANK YOU, Haley and Juan, for saving my sanity and for helping me get some seriously sweet photos of Charlotte and I!).

Charlotte kept calling the lanterns “fire” and when we were getting ready to leave, I had her waiting in the stroller next to the car, she was saying “mama, more fire in ‘a’ air” as a few more lanterns drifted away. Watching her see the lanterns was my favorite part. I was as fascinated by them as you were, baby girl.


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