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Moving Nightmares

This past week we were presented with the option of moving. I mean, we had already made the decision to break our lease and move 2 months ago, but then chickened out as soon as our 60-day-notice came due. As I’ve explained over Facebook and Insta stories, I forgot to call our management company and let them know we were staying. This particular Wednesday afternoon, I had left our house to fill our 5 gallon water jug. Charlotte had just fallen asleep in the car for a late nap. En route, I received a phone call from our management company asking why they didn’t receive our keys and asked what the heck we were doing and why all of our crap was still in the apartment.

By the time I was entering the water store, I’m balancing a sleeping child in one arm, our large empty water jug and whatever random things I had in my other hand and my phone wedged between my ear and shoulder. Luckily the sweetest lady that works at the water store proceeded to fill my jug and load it on the rolling cart all while I’m trying to thank her and now update Nic on the phone call with the management company.

As I relayed the information, his response was, “well, why don’t we go ahead and move?” My initial thought was, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! We waited 60 days to not move and now we have to pack and move instantly??” We discussed the fact that he was having knee surgery and wouldn’t be able to get up and down the stairs for a while, and we should move before he’s of no help during the recovery period (among other reasons).

We had just paid our tithing the night before this whole shenanigan started and I had trusted that God would help us figure out how to make ends meet. So… this move could either be a nightmare for the next 3 months (as we’re liable for the months that they don’t rent our apartment) or an answer to our prayers. Let’s hope for the latter.

This past week has been a blur. I’m processing everything that has happened and is still happening as I sit in the hospital waiting room, with a list of to-do’s still left over from moving. At the moment I’m just trying to keep my mind off the screen still showing “in surgery”.


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