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NYC – Day 2

The whole excuse for my trip to NYC was to shoot a wedding with my friend Alyssa Campbell. She had mentioned at an earlier wedding I was assisting with that she was shooting a wedding in NYC in September. I jokingly told her, “take me with you!” and luckily she was able to make it happen!

I’m so grateful for her willingness to bring me along for another wedding, especially one out of state!

Day 1, I was exploring solo because Alyssa wouldn’t be getting to the hotel until late, so day 2 was spent exploring places together. First stop was the Chelsea market, which was pretty charming and I had the best bagel of my life. It could be the pregnancy hormones, but I dream about that bagel. Next on our agenda was the High Line, where at the southern end I had the worst ice cream of my life. While I’m dreaming of the bagel, I’m having nightmares about the ice cream. Note to anyone looking for ice cream near Chelsea, do not have Ample Hills Creamery. It tasted like it had been open in the freezer for too long and my pretzel cone was stale. Sorry Ample Hills, but I had high hopes for you.

We stopped back by the hotel and Bryant Park to check for lighting/locations for the bride and groom’s first look. I fell in love with the public library’s architecture, which is where we decided to have them see each other. Finally, we headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge to be your average tourist, trying to snap shots of each other, in between the crowds of other tourists.

I think we walked about 8 miles that day. We saved our feet from extra walking by taking an Uber a few times. No need for sore feet on wedding day, which I’ll be sharing next.


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