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Last week we had the opportunity to go with family to Southern California. The trip was a whirlwind because it was jam-packed with so much to do, which kept our Charly girl happy and busy. The road trip, of course, required frequent breaks to stretch little legs and on the way we stopped at In-N-Out to let the six kids get their wiggles out. We headed back on the road and on the way to our first official stop of the trip; my mother-in-law’s long time friend’s little farm where they had goats, chickens, turkeys, and horses. Charlotte rode her first horse, finally decided that she’d be okay with having a puppy (or a pony), and wrangled her first turkey. She nearly managed to get the bird completely off the ground even though it was about as big as she is.

From Fallbrook, our next stop was a super cute AirBnB near the gas lamp district in San Diego. After a good night’s sleep, all twelve of us loaded up in the cars and headed over to Sea World. I didn’t get many pictures there because I was loving watching Charlotte experience everything for the first time. She was pretty amazed over all of the sea animals. However, Orcas are not her favorite and she did not appreciate sitting in the soak zone (regardless of her new found love of water).

We spent the next day playing on the beaches. First at Mission Beach where Charlotte got her first glimpse of “a lotta’ water” and discovered that she LOVED the sand, and then on to La Jolla to play in the tide pools. Little miss dare devil decided to give me loads of heart attacks at La Jolla because the waves would come up between the rocks and she thought it was hilarious to chase them back out.

After the tide pools we headed up to Long Beach, stayed with my brother-in-law’s cousin, and spent our last day venturing down to the Redondo pier, swimming at the Seaside Lagoon and heading on home, stopping at the Cabazon dinos on the way back, of course. I didn’t get any great pictures after La Jolla because we were just having too much fun playing.


This past week we were presented with the option of moving. I mean, we had already made the decision to break our lease and move 2 months ago, but then chickened out as soon as our 60-day-notice came due. As I’ve explained over Facebook and Insta stories, I forgot to call our management company and let them know we were staying. This particular Wednesday afternoon, I had left our house to fill our 5 gallon water jug. Charlotte had just fallen asleep in the car for a late nap. En route, I received a phone call from our management company asking why they didn’t receive our keys and asked what the heck we were doing and why all of our crap was still in the apartment.

By the time I was entering the water store, I’m balancing a sleeping child in one arm, our large empty water jug and whatever random things I had in my other hand and my phone wedged between my ear and shoulder. Luckily the sweetest lady that works at the water store proceeded to fill my jug and load it on the rolling cart all while I’m trying to thank her and now update Nic on the phone call with the management company.

As I relayed the information, his response was, “well, why don’t we go ahead and move?” My initial thought was, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! We waited 60 days to not move and now we have to pack and move instantly??” We discussed the fact that he was having knee surgery and wouldn’t be able to get up and down the stairs for a while, and we should move before he’s of no help during the recovery period (among other reasons).

We had just paid our tithing the night before this whole shenanigan started and I had trusted that God would help us figure out how to make ends meet. So… this move could either be a nightmare for the next 3 months (as we’re liable for the months that they don’t rent our apartment) or an answer to our prayers. Let’s hope for the latter.

This past week has been a blur. I’m processing everything that has happened and is still happening as I sit in the hospital waiting room, with a list of to-do’s still left over from moving. At the moment I’m just trying to keep my mind off the screen still showing “in surgery”.


To say the Lantern Festival is magical is quite an understatement. The only unfortunate thing is that there was a lot of waiting for 5 minutes of amazement (don’t get me wrong, the sight was worth it! And Charlotte did so well despite sitting around a lot). We made the mistake of going fairly early yesterday afternoon, thinking there would be more to keep this busy almost-2-year-old occupied. Being early would have been fine if we had her dad there to play too, but he had to work. Boo! Luckily, we did meet up with our friends Haley (who runs the cutest blog all about our favorite state — watch for her post about the Lantern Festival soon) and her husband Juan. They managed to keep Charlotte entertained for a while (THANK YOU, Haley and Juan, for saving my sanity and for helping me get some seriously sweet photos of Charlotte and I!).

Charlotte kept calling the lanterns “fire” and when we were getting ready to leave, I had her waiting in the stroller next to the car, she was saying “mama, more fire in ‘a’ air” as a few more lanterns drifted away. Watching her see the lanterns was my favorite part. I was as fascinated by them as you were, baby girl.


Easy-Sundayy4webEasy-Sundayy3webWe are beyond blessed to call this little girl ours. However bad her sour moments can be, they are nothing compared to her sweetness. Our parents are anxious for us to be announcing a new addition to the family soon, and Nic responds with, “is Charlotte not good enough?” Honestly, I’d be okay if for some reason she ended up as our only child, because she is so perfect, but we obviously want more. And she’s really showing signs of not being a baby anymore, so it’s making me sad that she’s growing up and making babies look more appealing. 

We always said we wanted our children between 2 and 3 years apart, so now that it’s passed the 2 year mark, talk of babies is becoming more common in our house as we discuss the timing of the next little. My heart is aching for another babe, but we have a few achievable goals to accomplish before we consider trying.  So the grandparents can hold their horses, because it’s obviously going to be within the next year. ?

We have all sorts of goals on our list for the year, like getting out of debt/fixing Nic’s credit, career/business goals, and moving, among many others. They say there’s “no right time to have a baby.” But really, it’s logical to hold off a little bit longer to prepare for life with a new baby and make it just a tad bit easier. Right?

  • Alyssa - February 5, 2017 - 4:41 pm

    You guys do things on your timetable! I know it’s probably hard to tune out (we get it ALL the time with my in-laws) but you guys know when it’s right for you. I know we are waiting until a few more things fall into place for us personally, plus I am so mentally not ready for kids. Also for a cheaper but still awesome blender (from your previous post) check out the Oster Versa for around $200 :) I’ve had mine several years now and it’s great and I use it nearly every day!ReplyCancel