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SoCal trip with 6 kids and 6 adults.

Last week we had the opportunity to go with family to Southern California. The trip was a whirlwind because it was jam-packed with so much to do, which kept our Charly girl happy and busy. The road trip, of course, required frequent breaks to stretch little legs and on the way we stopped at In-N-Out to let the six kids get their wiggles out. We headed back on the road and on the way to our first official stop of the trip; my mother-in-law’s long time friend’s little farm where they had goats, chickens, turkeys, and horses. Charlotte rode her first horse, finally decided that she’d be okay with having a puppy (or a pony), and wrangled her first turkey. She nearly managed to get the bird completely off the ground even though it was about as big as she is.

From Fallbrook, our next stop was a super cute AirBnB near the gas lamp district in San Diego. After a good night’s sleep, all twelve of us loaded up in the cars and headed over to Sea World. I didn’t get many pictures there because I was loving watching Charlotte experience everything for the first time. She was pretty amazed over all of the sea animals. However, Orcas are not her favorite and she did not appreciate sitting in the soak zone (regardless of her new found love of water).

We spent the next day playing on the beaches. First at Mission Beach where Charlotte got her first glimpse of “a lotta’ water” and discovered that she LOVED the sand, and then on to La Jolla to play in the tide pools. Little miss dare devil decided to give me loads of heart attacks at La Jolla because the waves would come up between the rocks and she thought it was hilarious to chase them back out.

After the tide pools we headed up to Long Beach, stayed with my brother-in-law’s cousin, and spent our last day venturing down to the Redondo pier, swimming at the Seaside Lagoon and heading on home, stopping at the Cabazon dinos on the way back, of course. I didn’t get any great pictures after La Jolla because we were just having too much fun playing.


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