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my little sour patch toddler.

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My sweet Charly girl at bedtime on Saturday night was so sweet… you know, only after the 30 times of climbing out of bed.

The last few weeks have been mostly exhausting at bedtime because Charlotte doesn’t want to go to sleep. However, on a good portion of the nights that she is resisting, she is at least cute while she does it.

Saturday, for example, she proceeded to tell me her tummy and teeth hurt. She has been teething for a while and has had quite the runny nose for a couple of days because of it. I felt her gums and they were indeed swollen. I went to get her a little grape Tylenol tablet. She took it from me, scraped her teeth against it and said, “mmm!” As though she were truly pleased by the taste. I laughed at her and she giggled. Then 20 more nibbles, “mmm’s”, and giggles later, she had finished her medicine. I laughed once more and told her, “I love you so much, Charly bug”. I leaned in to kiss her cheek and she wrapped her arm around my neck, hugged me as tight as she could and said, “I love you too, mommy!” With her cheesiest grin.

I teared up as I left her room and walked down the hall. Moments like that make all of the two-year-old sass worth it and I’m so lucky to be this sweet little lady’s mama.


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