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Talk of babes.

Easy-Sundayy4webEasy-Sundayy3webWe are beyond blessed to call this little girl ours. However bad her sour moments can be, they are nothing compared to her sweetness. Our parents are anxious for us to be announcing a new addition to the family soon, and Nic responds with, “is Charlotte not good enough?” Honestly, I’d be okay if for some reason she ended up as our only child, because she is so perfect, but we obviously want more. And she’s really showing signs of not being a baby anymore, so it’s making me sad that she’s growing up and making babies look more appealing. 

We always said we wanted our children between 2 and 3 years apart, so now that it’s passed the 2 year mark, talk of babies is becoming more common in our house as we discuss the timing of the next little. My heart is aching for another babe, but we have a few achievable goals to accomplish before we consider trying.  So the grandparents can hold their horses, because it’s obviously going to be within the next year. ?

We have all sorts of goals on our list for the year, like getting out of debt/fixing Nic’s credit, career/business goals, and moving, among many others. They say there’s “no right time to have a baby.” But really, it’s logical to hold off a little bit longer to prepare for life with a new baby and make it just a tad bit easier. Right?

  • Alyssa - February 5, 2017 - 4:41 pm

    You guys do things on your timetable! I know it’s probably hard to tune out (we get it ALL the time with my in-laws) but you guys know when it’s right for you. I know we are waiting until a few more things fall into place for us personally, plus I am so mentally not ready for kids. Also for a cheaper but still awesome blender (from your previous post) check out the Oster Versa for around $200 :) I’ve had mine several years now and it’s great and I use it nearly every day!ReplyCancel

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